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Stop the Ojai Water Grab Campaign Launched

11.27.12 – In response to Food and Water Watch (FWW), a national organization opposed to Californians holding private water rights,  the Alliance has launched a campaign in the City of Ojai to expose FWW’s dangerous political agenda and history of broken promises.  Organized under the banner of Ojai FLOW, FWW is a party to a campaign to convince the Casitas Municipal Water District to  seize  Golden State Water Company’s property and water rights by eminent domain.  Since Food and Water Watch is not a consumer group, they are placing their political agenda before the interests of Ojai taxpayers by promising that public ownership of Golden State’s water system will lead to lower water bills — a promise they have made and broken in the City of Felton where eminent domain led to higher water bills and additional property taxes!

How Ojai Valley/Ventura Can Stop the Ojai Water Grab:

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