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2012 California Voter Guide


Where do California candidates stand on private property rights?

The Alliance sent theĀ 2012 Property Rights Protection Questionnaire to all California candidates running for the State Legislature to determine who shares a strong commitment to protecting private property rights.

The Voter Guide takesĀ into account where candidates stand on limiting government’s power of eminent domain to forcibly seize homes, businesses and places of worship from unwilling sellers. It also takes into account whether a candidate believes your hard earned tax dollars should be used to finance private development like luxury hotels, golf courses, and professional sports arenas – otherwise referred to as redevelopment.

“Defenders of Private Property Rights” embrace the following principles:

  • Government’s power of eminent domain should be limited to legitimate public projects, and not used to advance private development.
  • Will support legislation reforming eminent domain abuse.
  • Opposes taxpayer dollars being used to subsidize private development.

We hope this voter guide serves as a useful tool when casting your vote!

Candidates for State Assembly (click here)

Candidates for State Senate (click here)

* This is a voter guide and not a list of endorsed candidates, unless specifically stated.