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Who We Are

The California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights (CAPPPR or the Alliance) is a coalition of family farmers, community and taxpayer advocates committed to exposing the dangers and abuses of eminent domain — government’s taking of private property from unwilling sellers to benefit politically connected developers.

The Alliance is a non-profit (501c4) organization that was a sponsor and contributed to the drafting of Proposition 98, an eminent domain ballot measure that appeared on the June 2008 ballot.

In 2005, its founders started the organization after Yolo County, located across the river from our State’s Capitol, decided to use its police power to seize the 17,300 acre Conaway Ranch from its unwilling sellers. Like the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to grant government greater power to seize private property this was an unprecedented decision by local government.

But what began as a local effort to protect Yolo County’s farmland from a county determined to join the U.S. Supreme Court in eroding private property rights has grown into a statewide movement — a movement dependent on the support of private property rights supporters like you.

Our battle to save Conaway Ranch was successful and today our organization has joined with other concerned citizens to defend our Constitutional Rights. Private property rights will continue to be threatened unless California’s elected leaders pass real legislative reforms.

To defend these rights, we have grown the Alliance and continue to seek financial support to bring about much needed reforms that have come to over 40 states, but not California. Together, we will make sure that private property rights in California becomes a reality.

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Jim Nielsen is leading the crusade for eminent domain reform in California.