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Marko Mlikotin


9-24-1 Governor Brown Signs Landgrab Bill (AB 2492)

9.13.16 AB 2492 Study Part II: How AB 2492 Expands CA Govt’s Current Power of Eminent Domain

8.24.16 Press Release (revised) RDA Bill Analysis

8.24.16 AB 2492 Study Part I: Legislation Invites Eminent Domain Abuse

8.19.16 San Francisco Chronicle (Sanders) Eminent domain means your home can be their castle

6.24.16 San Diego UT/Larry Salzman: Lawmakers move to revive abusive eminent domain

6.13.16 Press Release: New Redevelopment Bill Threatens Taxpayers and Private Property Blight Designations

5.7.16 OC Register/Steven Greenhut: A bill (AB 2492) Trump the developer would love

4.22.16 Press Release: Bill introduced to expand “Trump-Like” Eminent Domain Powers


6.23.15 OC Register: Californians must not take property rights for granted

6.22.15 Riverside Press Enterprise Editoral: Still Learning the Lessons of Kelo

6.4.15 OC Register Editorial: Redevelopment a bad idea that refuses to stay dead

5.24.15 Cal Watchdog: State Assembly approves plan to bring back Kelo-style redevelopment (12 Republicans voted in favor of AB 2)


12/20: Stop the Ojai Water Grab Campaign Launched

12/10: Stop the Claremont Water Grab Campaign Launched

9/4: Property Rights Group Endorses Ramos for County Supervisor

3/15: Leading Private Property Rights Attorney Joins Alliance Board of Directors


11/8: Statewide Property Rights Group Releases 2011 Legislative Scorecards

5/24: Conservative Leaders and Property Rights Advocates call on GOP Legislators to Abandon Defense of Redevelopment Agencies

1/31: Property Rights Activists Applaud Audit of CA Redevelopment Agencies


3/17: Statewide Private Property Rights Group Endorses Doug LaMalfa for State Senate


9/3: Private Property Rights Group Opposed to Irrigation District’s Use of Eminent Domain

9/2: Property rights group opposes coastal commission legislation


8/14: Los Angeles City Council to Award Retail Project to Controversial Non-Profit — State Audit Revealed Non-Profit Mismanaged Public Money

7/22: Prop. 99 Proves to be a Sham

3/20: Proponents of Prop 98 Support AB 1992: Legislation Would Prohibit Political “Slush Funds” for Gov’t Associations


6/19: 2nd Anniversary of Kelo v. New London

6/7: California Earns a “D-” on Eminent Domain Reform

2/8: Statewide Survey Shows Support for Eminent Domain Reform


11/8: Efforts Underway to Place Eminent Domain Reform on 2008 Ballot

9/7: Yolo County Abandons Conaway Ranch Eminent Domain Proceedings

7/18: Property Rights Group Slams California Reclamation District

6/20: Private Property Rights Group Endorses Eminent Domain Ballot Measure

4/25: Senate Judiciary Committee Fails to Pass Real Reform

3/17: Property Rights Group Endorses State Ballot Measure

3/9: Property Rights Group Launches Statewide Pledge Campaign

1/4: Property Rights Group Announces Legislators of the Year


11/30: Court Allows Take
10/17: Grand Jury Release
10/17: Grand Jury Letter
10/08: AB 1747 Veto
10/05: CAPPPR Announces Leadership
8/31: Press Conference