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“Hands Off My Home” Pledge for Elected Officials

The Alliance is asking elected officials throughout California to take the “Hands off my Home” pledge – a pledge to protect Californians against eminent domain abuse. The pledge asks elected leaders to honor very basic principles that serve as the foundation of our campaign to reform eminent domain abuse:


  • To oppose efforts by local government to use the power of eminent domain for economic development purposes, to increase tax revenue, or for any other private use.
  • To oppose efforts to maintain the present use of private property by a different owner, public or private.
  • To support state legislation, local ordinances and other efforts to assure the citizens of California that their homes, businesses, family farms and places of worship are safe from eminent domain abuse.

We encourage you to contact your local and state elected officials and urge them to take “the Pledge.” With your assistance, the Alliance will continue to update the names of elected leaders who have signed “the Pledge” to protect private property rights.

Download your pledge form:

Forward a pledge to your elected officials:

This ‘Hands Off My Home’ pledge campaign is conducted by the California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights ( Additional information about the national “Hands Off My Home” campaign is available from the Castle Coalition ( The Castle Coalition is not a sponsor or organizer of the California Alliance’s ‘Hands Off My Home’ pledge campaign.