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State Moves to Forcibly Seize Property for High Speed Choo-Choo!

8.14.14 – The State Public Works Board has moved to forcibly seize 160 parcels by eminent domain to make way for this high speed boondoggle! Click here to read the article.

The “Little Old Lady” Who Took On Donald Trump.. and Won!

7.31.14 – It’s reported that, “The woman who became a folk hero for resisting decades-long efforts by big-name developers like Trump to displace her Atlantic City boardinghouse is now 91 and, at last, ready to sell.”  Click here to read the article.

Former Shop Owner Tells of Eminent Domain Horrors

4.17.14 – Ahmad Mesdaq once owned a thriving cigar and coffee lounge in downtown San Diego – until a politically connected developer convinced the City of San Diego to seize it by eminent domain. In an op-ed, Mesdaq says, “if [RDA initiative JEDI] passes, few will be safe from the horrors I experienced.” Click here to read the op-ed.

Additional Cities Found Giving Taxpayer Dollars to RDA Initiative!

4.17.14 – Through Public Records Act requests, the Alliance has found that additional California cities have given taxpayer dollars to an initiative that would revive redevelopment!  Records show that the City of Cerritos in LA County has given the initiative $21,000 while the City of Garden Grove in Orange County has given $50,000!  Taxpayers should be shocked to see their tax dollars going towards political activity that would designate their house or business as blighted!  Click here to see the receipts from Cerritos and Garden Grove!

Institute for Justice: JEDI Would put homes “at risk”

4.15.14 – The Institute for Justice, the public interest law firm that represented Susette Kelo in front of the Supreme Court in the groundbreaking Kelo v. New London case, wrote today  the taxpayer-funded Redevelopment initiative would put “hundreds of thousands of properties at risk for condemnation.”  Click here to read the op-ed.

On Tax Day, Cities Spend Money on Political Activity!

4.15.14 - Happy Tax Day! Some Cities are spending your taxpayer dollars to fund a Redevelopment initiative that could classify the whole State as blighted! Read this investigative report from Cal WatchDog about the proposed initiative.

Chances of Legislature Reviving Redevelopment “Slim”?

4.3.14 – If the Redevelopment lobby wants to revive the embattled agencies, they’re going to need to convince the Governor that using tax dollars for dubious development is necessary!  Click here to read the article.

Taxpayer Dollars Used to Finance Redevelopment Initiative

3.26.14 - Today, California’s leading private property rights organization released documents showing a number of cities spending taxpayer dollars to draft an initiative that will cost upwards of $13 million to pass and would result in homes, small businesses and places of worship being forcibly seized by eminent domain.

The effort to use taxpayer dollars to revive Redevelopment Agencies is spearheaded by current Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who is being investigated by the Fair Political Practices Commission for an alleged improper land-swap.  Cities apart of this coalition include Anaheim, Ontario, San Jose, and Pittsburg, among others.

“Californians will be shocked to learn that taxpayer dollars that would otherwise go to public safety, parks and roads are being used to qualify a statewide initiative,” said Nick Mirman, the Alliance’s Grassroots Coordinator.  “What’s more, the initiative is designed to make it easier for government to seize homes and small businesses by eminent domain so that it can be given to politically connected developers on the cheap.”

If passed, the initiative will cost the state “several billion dollars” annually by forcing the state to refund local districts, specifically schools, tax revenue taken by these new agencies to fund land seizures and pet projects.

The Institute for Justice, the public interest law firm that represented Susette Kelo in the landmark Kelo v. New London before the U.S. Supreme Court, today released a scathing analysis entitled Return of the Empire, calling the initiative “one of the most significant expansions of government power in decades.”

Before they were abolished in 2011 by the Legislature and Governor, Redevelopment Agencies rewarded politically connected developers with seized land and extremely generous terms to build luxury hotels, golf courses and strip malls.  During the debate to abolish Redevelopment, the State’s independent Legislative Analyst said that over the 50-year life of the program, no new net jobs were created and the Agencies cost the State around $5 billion a year.

The Alliance is a statewide, grassroots nonprofit organization of victims of eminent domain abuse, small business owners, family farmers, taxpayers and community leaders committed to protecting private property rights and ending eminent domain abuse.

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“The Return of the Empire” — Redevelopment Agencies Coming Back?

3.26.14 - The Institute for Justice, which litigated the landmark Kelo v. New London case before the U.S. Supreme Court, just released analysis on a proposed RDA initiative. Their report, entitled “Return of the Empire,” concludes that the proposed state initiative will restore power to corrupt redevelopment agencies that were abolished by the State Legislature — and restore corporate welfare for developers and make it even easier to seize homes, businesses and places of worship by eminent domain!

Click here to read IJ’s analysis!

High-Speed Boondoggle Moves Forward with Eminent Domain!

3.14.14 - Even though the legality of the whole project is still being decided by the Courts, the High Speed Rail will move forward with forcibly seizing 8 pieces of private property, three of which are businesses! “Share” this post to let your friends know you OPPOSE Gov. Brown’s High Speed Boondoggle! Click here to read the article.