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RDA 2.0 Bill to be Heard in Committee Wednesday

Assembly Bill 2, authored by Asm. Luis Alejo, will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Local Government on Wednesday. The Committee, chaired by Republican Brian Maienschein (San Diego), will be voting on a bill that would bring back Corporate Welfare, Eminent Domain Abuse and Redevelopment!

Call Chair Maienschein today and tell him to vote NO on AB 2! NO on RDA 2.0!

Sacramento Office: 916-319-2077

San Diego Office: 858-675-0077
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3 days ago

RDA 2.0 Bill Passes First Committee... with GOP Support!?

CA Assembly Bill 2, a piece of legislation that would bring back Redevelopment, Corporate Welfare and Eminent Domain Abuse passed its first committee this morning, with Republican Assembly Member Marc Steinorth voting with a committee of Democrats!

This piece of legislation will continue to make its way through the Legislature unless we do something about it. Be sure to call your Legislators and tell them to vote NO on Redevelopment 2.0, AB 2.

HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Call Asm. Steinorth directly and ask him why he refused to stand up for taxpayers when voting in favor of AB 2: 909-466-9096
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1 week ago

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Lark RitnourGOVERNMENT THEIVERY1 week ago

Matthew MunsonHe is a former city council member and is brainwashed to the league of cities dogma.1 week ago

Richard ColeMy wife is a therapist, and I think you people should spend some time with her. She takes MediCal.2   ·  1 week ago

Laura CerabellaWe the people have to pass this, not done in private away from the voters. We will remember him at the polls.1 week ago

Linda SwansonCriminals, all of the politicians! Can them all!1 week ago

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RDA 2.0 Bill to be Heard in First Committee Tomorrow! Have Your Voice Heard!

For the third straight year, Asm. Alejo has introduced a piece of legislation (AB 2) that is intended to bring back eminent domain abuse, corporate welfare and Redevelopment. Tomorrow, April 15, AB 2 will be heard in the Asm. Committee on Housing and Community Development.

Please take a moment to call the Committee and let them know of your opposition to creating RDA 2.0! Have Your Voice Heard!!

Phone Number: 916.319.2085
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2 weeks ago

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Xavier Diaz McGuireSan Jose is going to build an urban village from 6th st to 17th st., both sides of the street. They pretend they need input on the project and then tell everyone it's already been planned, they spent lots of money. Beall already got a bill passed here to complete the project.2 weeks ago

Lark Ritnourgoverment over rach2 weeks ago

The California Alliance to Protect Private Property RightsLegislative Update: AB02 passed out of committee this morning. Remarkably, Republican Assembly Member Steinorth voted with Democrats.1 week ago

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