California Legislative Reforms

The Alliance had a successful 2012, thwarting multiple attempts by the powerful Redevelopment Lobby to create an RDA 2.0.  To read about our successful 2012 efforts, click here.

2013 seems to be no different, as the Alliance is opposing the following bills:

SB 1 Steinberg, (D): OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED. This bill would allow Cities to establish Sustainable Community Investment Authorities.  These authorities would be able to float bonds based on Tax Increment Financing (TIF) – just like the RDAs of old.  Designed to encourage, finance and benefit politically connected infill developers, this bill would allow local governments to forcibly seize your property by eminent domain so the City’s planners and developers can have their pet projects and redesign the community you already love and live in!  Click here to read the Alliance’s Oppose Unless Amended letter.

SB 33 Wolk, (D): OPPOSE. This bill makes it easier for Cities to establish Infrastructure Financing Districts (IFDs).  IFDs were originally intended to be used only for improving infrastructure, but with the demise of RDAs it is possible for government to misuse the broad powers granted by IFDs.  This bill by Senator Wolk would ease the requirements necessary to establish these tax Increment Financed blackholes, and allow for local governments to easier finance forced takings by eminent domain!  Click here to read the Alliance’s letter of opposition.

AB 229 Perez, (D): OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED. This bill that would expand the power of Infrastructure Financing Districts (IFDs) to include the power of financing eminent domain for private use!  As you may remember, the Speaker introduced a very similar bill last year only for it to be vetoed by the Governor.  Click here to read the Alliance’s Oppose Unless Amended letter.

AB 436 Jones-Sawyer, (D): OPPOSE. Incentivizes local governments to make lowball offers on regulatory takings by forcing property owners to cover all government legal costs if they sue and lose.  Bill also applies a “comparative fault” rule that would allow the government to reduce compensation by saying that the property owner was in some sense responsible for the decrease in value, effectively translating tort law into government takings.  Click here to read the Alliance’s letter of opposition

AB 1080 Alejo, (D): OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED. Reestablishes RDA (RDA 2.0) and gives “Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities” the power of eminent domain without any limits on private use.  Click here to read the Alliance’s Oppose Unless Amended letter.