Eminent Domain Case


When an eminent domain case hits your doorstep, know that the government requires your property for the development of public resources and the city’s development. One way or the other, the government is going to acquire your land or property legally. People do not realize when they are struck with an eminent domain case. But all they need to know is that they will have to sell their property to the government while they receive fair compensation for it. As long as the government needs your property for public use, they have the right to come for it. With the help of an eminent domain expert attorney, you can learn about eminent domain and its process. It is important to know everything about the eminent domain process to confidently determine your property’s end results. Here are the eminent domain related questions you should ask your attorney.

Is my property at risk

Is my property at risk?

Many property owners fail to realize that when they receive an eminent domain notice, it is serious, and they will have to come to an agreement sooner or later. The government only needs to prove the importance of your property in the development of public resources to legally buy the property from you. Do not take eminent domain cases easily and wait for the deadlines. Acquire enough information about your property to understand whether your property falls under the category of government’s requirements, so you can deal with the case better.

What to expect from the compensation?

When you figure out that the government really needs your property, you should not waste any time in protesting against it and figure out what you will receive in return. The government will offer compensation on the fair market price for your property. But you can always choose to negotiate the offer considering the aspects that the government skipped. The government will not leave your property, so you have the advantage of putting forward a better offer. Hire your own appraiser to find a better deal for your home.

Is there a way to keep the property?

The higher chances are that the government will buy the property from you in one way or the other. However, if you can prove in the court that your property is not essential for the government to work on its project, you can see a window right there. If you can prove that your land is not truly needed for public use, you can reject the offer and keep your property. Another way you can stand against the government is by rejecting their offer as it is not fair. But in this method, you will only be able to postpone the eminent domain process for later as the government will come with another offer if it is serious about purchasing your property. These are the only two ways of escaping the eminent domain notice. If you have further questions you can ask long island kitchen remodel as they also deal with eminent domain issues.