What to Do When The Government Requires Your Land

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There can be many new projects around your city in its development stage, which requires a lot of areas that can be public or private property. When an area of land is own by a citizen, the government will need to negotiate with the owner to buy the property with reasonable compensation. While not everyone faces such conditions, but if you are living near a developing area which can become the future airport in your city, you may hear from the government soon. The government will either negotiate with you for the property or will attempt other means to occupy your property if you refuse. That is why you need to be prepared to deal with the government if you sense that they are definitely going to try their best to get your property.

The eminent domain gives the right to the government to take private land from their legal owners for public use. The property owners rarely get successful in stopping the government from taking away their lands. However, citizens have the full right to receive fair compensation. The majority of the citizens who try to compensate for the land are successful in receiving a better deal from the government.

How powerful is Eminent Domain

Eminent domain entitles federal and state governments as well as the municipalities to take the property that is required for legitimate public use. Remember that the court will speak in favor of the government in most cases if their pitch for using the land for public use seems legit. Under the Fifth Amendment of the US constitution, the government will have to make fair compensation for the property, and if the owner is not satisfied with it, they will need to renegotiate. From this, we understand that property owners should use their time and energy to receive better compensation than having to object to the government.

What to do

What to do?

When the government picks your property for development, you will get notified by mail or by a direct agent. Before anyone from the government’s side makes an offer, an appraiser will visit your site to check the size and condition of your property. The appraiser will assess the condition and size of the property. You will also receive a copy of the appraisal. Review the copy carefully and check all the points made as it will help you in determining your compensations and leading your negotiations.

As a property owner, you will always have a better position to negotiate compensation. The government is always prepared to offer more than the initial amount offered. There are different procedures for negotiations in different states. You will need to learn how the negotiation takes place in your state. Take the help of a lawyer to understand how the procedure works. If you do not like the price offered by the government, you can condemn the deal and submit a counter offer.

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